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The sky is torn asunder and the night echoes with the clashing of steel and spellfire. The world of Thedas is changing. Will you fight or fall? Whatever you choose, Welcome to Witchwood!

We are a Dragon Age roleplay set in the year 9:41 Dragon located primarily in Skyhold during the time of the Inquisition. Join us as we progress through Inquisition storylines and beyond to craft your very own story.

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It's an understatement to say that we're absolutely delighted to have you snooping about, dear friend. This particular forum is a chest of many treasures, with snapshots of who we are and what we're about. That being said, don't forget to check out the other informational links we've got! They're very useful, we promise.

14 28 Jun 13 2016, 09:54 PM
In: The Credits

As is true with any group setting, announcements are necessary. We recommend that you subscribe to this forum with your main account to ensure that you're aware of any new information that's posted! We've found that doing so makes everyone's lives much easier.

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We fully expect there to be questions and we're ready and willing to answer them. If you've already checked our frequently asked questions and scoured through our informational links - and have yet to find your answer - please start a new topic here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Conversely, if you have something you think might be a swell fit for WW, please post it here. We can't guarantee it will be implemented, but we'll certainly consider it.

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This is the location for our various moderation services, as well as a place to post your open threads. If you've a post, topic, or character that you need to be deleted or moved, please post in one of the pinned topics. And if you've an open thread you'd love for someone to take, the same instructions apply. Don't forget to let us know if we need to put your OOC account into a member group as well - a topic for that is also located within.

3 9 Aug 11 2016, 02:31 AM
In: Open Threads
By: nolan o'suileabhain

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Now that you've sorted through the abundant amount of information that we offer and are ready to bring your character to life, it's time that you stop here. Our two applications are located within this forum, one traditional and one freestyle. Choose whichever format suits your character best and get started! You may wait to post your application in the finished section or you can post an in-progress application to revisit later. Just remember to bump your topic once you're ready for it to be reviewed.

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15 1 Aug 30 2016, 10:34 AM
In: Aeliandra
By: aeliandra

Congrats! Your application has been moved to the appropriate accepted forum. We store all of our current applications here for easy access and perusal. But you're not done yet! To be sorted into your member group, you must fully complete your claims in the forum below.

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In: Liana de la Courcel

All topics for claims (and reservations) are located within this forum and to be fully accepted, you must complete your claims in their entirety. Once that's done, we'll be happy to update the lists and give your name a fancy color. Once you're done with this, you're ready to dive in and get started!

5 37 Aug 30 2016, 09:59 AM
In: Face Claim
By: vienna marsais
A compilation of all the characters that our members would love to see on the board, or would like to be made for them, is located within this forum. If you're unsure of who to make or are simply looking for some sort of inspiration, this is the place to start.

5 14 Aug 7 2016, 09:45 PM
In: i thought i'd lost you
By: branson rutherford

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The title is rather self-explanatory, but here we've provided a location for you to post your plotter/shipper/plot ad to plan out meaningful (or silly) interactions between your characters and others. We fully recommend posting in a few plotters of other characters when you post yours to get yourself kickstarted! Don't simply expect everyone else to do the work for you. Nobody likes that.

Please note that plotters are divided by member group. So please have one plotter per character in their proper section!

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In: the silence is now
By: zephyr
For any plethora of random character information, you're more than welcome to start a character development thread. Please only post one thread per character! Make sure to adhere to the title format, as well, because the topics are all sorted alphabetically for ease of use.

9 56 Aug 1 2016, 07:28 PM
In: sky full of stars
By: minaeve
Let's face it. Eventually, we all need some sort of tracker or to-do list to make it through our hefty queue of replies and plots. Place those topics here! There is no limit on the number of topics per person, but try not to go too crazy, recruits.

11 11 Jul 27 2016, 01:22 AM
In: god, you made the world all...
By: cole
All the various forms of communication, be they love letters, letters delivered by ravens, or magical messages, belong here in this forum. Just make sure that you appropriately identify what kind it is so that anyone who might want to take it knows how to reply. Have fun with it!

6 16 Aug 2 2016, 11:24 PM
In: like you're running out...
By: nathaniel howe

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Skyhold's sprawling property rests on multiple levels, all bustling and teeming with activity; the Upper Courtyard is no stranger to this, and indeed has an activity of people filling what was previously absent of company. The wide stone path, speckled with green, winds around to two stair cases, one leading to the Lower Courtyard and the other to the Battlements. Included on the same level of the Upper Courtyard are the tavern the Herald's Rest, the training grounds, and the armory.


17 59 Aug 26 2016, 09:21 PM
In: Conflicted Decisions
By: basso
The remainder of Skyhold's (mostly) outdoor amenities can be found in the lower courtyard. Shadowed over by a wide stone bridge, the shaded lower courtyard holds a wide variety of appeal - from the stables to the merchants, and an infirmary for the wounded and sick to be tended to. While the bustle is far more reserved down here, there is no want for company.


16 27 Aug 17 2016, 12:45 AM
In: lost and found
By: nathaniel howe
Up a flight of grey stone stairs, past the large double doors that stand as tall as giants, and just beyond a small foyer where benches are set out for the weary and travel worn lies the Main Hall. Once what can be assumed was the heart of the castle, the Main Hall is a shadow of it's former self. Scaffoldings line the walls in an attempt for the workers to better reach the crumbling rock and rotting wood that need replacing. Though most of the old debris has been cleaned out, it still is in a rather disarrayed state. That doesn't discourage even the most pretentious noble from stepping inside to see just what this Inquisition holds.


6 15 Jul 26 2016, 08:27 PM
By: rennyn
The Rotunda stands just off the main hall. A large, circular building with many annulus style floors enabling one standing on the base to peer up to the very ceiling of the building itself. Many people often come and go through here as the Rotunda is the location of, not only study, but of spywork as well. At the very base of this Rotunda there is an room with mostly empty walls. However, Solas has taken to painting the events of the Inquisition's journey upon the plaster. And, though most might not linger thanks to either wariness of the apostate or to the hurried speed their job forces them to take, all that see the mural are struck with a sense of pride in their accomplishments as well as feel a tinge of sorrow for those lost seep into their bones.


4 4 Aug 17 2016, 03:18 PM
In: maker knows this hurts
By: rasmus fritjof
Barely noticeable from the Main Hall, there is a door just off the side of the Throne Room. A winding set of stairs delves deep beneath Skyhold to reveal a cave. While the walls on either side of the entryway and the ceiling might suggest that this was naturally formed into the very mountain side, the tiled floor and banister that line the edge of the cave's floor suggests otherwise. The entire fortress has settled atop this place and the Inquisition's master smith has taken up residence here, claiming the Undercroft for himself and his craft. Should you need anything made by way of armor or weapon, this is the place to go. Even if you don't need anything, a trip down below is well worth it just for the magnificent view.

1 0 Jul 10 2016, 05:05 PM
In: i n v e s t i g a t i o n --
By: charlotte devereaux
Currently empty of life save for the guard posted on the sturdier parts of the floor, the dungeons are not a place to find yourself in. Reserved for enemies of the Inquisition and those that threaten the peace they hope to restore, the walls are lined with single cells that are only accessible by a rickety wood planks that threaten to give out with the slightest breeze. A roaring waterfall spills from beneath the floor and cascades over the edge of the cliffsides ensuring that a prisoner's cries are never heard and that anyone who thinks of escaping by jumping would not survive the fall onto the rocks below.

1 4 Jul 20 2016, 06:33 PM
In: into the [hills]
By: neseva lavellan
Overrun with brambles and the remnants of long dead foliage, the garden looks to have been a once happy place. Despite its state of disrepair, there is still an air of serenity that emanates from the overgrown trees. A few wildflowers have withstood the test of time, stubbornly making their home in the patches of sun and along the base of the old well that sits centered in the yard. In one corner of the gardens there sits the skeleton of a crumbling gazebo that, thanks to the numerous proddings by visiting nobles, the masons and carpenters intend to fix. Soon. Very soon, so please stop leaving them missives and notes about it.

3 5 Jul 20 2016, 09:45 PM
In: long & lost.
By: neseva lavellan
No stronghold would be complete without a set of thick walls for protection. Skyhold itself is encircled by battlements that allow for soldiers to easily keep watch on the surroundings and spot an encroaching enemy long before they arrive. Or rather, they would, were it not for the crumbling sections of wall. Excavators are currently trying to pinpoint the reasoning for such collapses as they rebuild any damaged portions of the Battlements. But for now the cause, be it time or enemy attacks, remains a mystery.

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5 10 Aug 8 2016, 06:40 PM
In: someone i once knew
By: cullen rutherford

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To the north of Orlais and Nevarra and just west of the Tevinter Imperium lies the Anderfels. It is a land of dry, arid steppes that have been mostly deserted thanks to the blights. Despite the harsh conditions, and the particularly scorching summers, the Anders people are stubborn and hardy. They respect a person's deeds far more than the name they might carry as they, much like the dwarves, face a constant threat of Darkspawn. It was the Anders that first encountered the blighted creatures and the Grey Wardens of today have these people to thank for their creation. It is here that the Grey Wardens make their headquarters at Weisshaupt Fortress.

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In a country where money talks more than deed, the wealthy hold prominent power in Antiva. Though it may rain often, the flowers - as the saying goes - are always in bloom here. And for good reason. Antiva's position on the eastern coast makes it ideal for trade. It's reputation for wine is unparalleled. As is its reputation for something far darker: The Antivan Crows. It's best not to find yourself on the receiving end of their blades. So just duck your head and enjoy the sprawling cities with their delicate bridges and fine sculptures. Hopefully then, you won't catch the eye of something unsavory.

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Sitting on Southeast Thedas, the young nation of Ferelden is bordered not only by the imposing Frostback Mountains, but also the Waking Sea and the vast Amaranthine Ocean. As it is so young, Ferelden is often seen by the other nations as only "recently civilized", although they are a proud people, determined to maintain their independence after having fought brutally for it.The Hero of Ferelden left King Alistair to rule alone, and since then, Ferelden has continued to progress. While retaining that sort of "Ferelden freedom" in their dealings with other nations, they are not immune to the rifts plaguing the lands.

10 24 Aug 28 2016, 09:06 AM
In: T E A R It All A P A R T
By: vienna marsais
A clustering of independent city-states originally descended from barbarians, Free Marches manage to remain completely individualistic on most any matter but still contain the capabilities of uniting a military force that cannot be ignored by any nation, should the need arise. Although there are plenty of settlements, the three cities which carry the largest weight are Kirkwall, Starkhaven, and Tantervale. With such ready access to the Minanter River, the Free Marches is comprised of many farms that supply much of the continent's food, thus giving it the title the breadbasket of Thedas.

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Originally a city-state of the Free Marches, Nevarra eventually expanded and, thanks to its central location in Thedas, garnered a power that some could say rivals that of the Orlesian Empire. With a history rich in royal dynasties, it is currently ruled by Markus Pentaghast, who some say has become a tool of the Mortalitasi. Renowned for its artistry, the swirling death and magic, and the dragon-hunting, Nevarra's exoticism is eclipsed only by the size of the Grand Necropolis.

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Extravagant and always bustling, Orlais is the Chantry's seat of power and the home to the Divine. The nation thinks very well of it self, but with good reason - even if others might contend that. Orlais is considered the largest and most powerful of the Thedic nations, and under rule of Empress Celene, much effort has been put into cultivating art and education for many.

7 10 Aug 5 2016, 11:12 PM
In: ◇ headrest for my soul.
By: bastien devereaux
Located far north of Rivain, Par Vollen is located within a chain of tropical islands making the land covered mostly by lush jungles and dense rainforests. The Qunari has established a stronghold and a large city called Qunandar on the coast, making it the largest known location of qunari in the world. It is also from Par Vollen that scholars believe the first humans originated from. The pyramids these ancient beings built still stand in Par Vollen to this day and are regarded by travelers to the region as true wonders.

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Surrounded by water on all sides save for a small bridge of land that connects it to Antiva, Rivain is by far one of the most unique countries in Thedas. Believing that women are more fit to rule than men, they are a matriarchal society that believes in communal welfare rather than material wealth. Unlike the majority of Thedas, the Rivaini are not Andrastian and do not believe in the Maker. Instead, they are pantheists with a deep tradition of having their mages trained as seers or wise women. Some of their port cities are also notorious for being hotbeds of pirate activity.

2 8 Jun 27 2016, 07:23 PM
In: another day, another door
By: ashara tabris
Once an empire of immense power, the Tevinter Imperium is now a shadow of it's former glory. A society ruled by mages, Tevinter's ancient influence - both good and bad - can be found worldwide. Despite its negative reputation, Tevinter is still a strong force to be reckoned with and a beautiful place to behold. It's capital city of Minrathous is a city built of jet black stone. Guarded by high walls and powerful golems it has withstood the test of time and various sieges. Though much of Tevinter is now converted to the Imperial Chantry, there is still a heavy influence of their heritage found in today's society. One example of this is that there are a great deal of dragons carved into the buildings of the major cities.

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North of the Tevinter Imperium lays the largest island in Thedas. Seheron is a land with a culture so convoluted that it is evident it has changed rulers more than a few times. While the city proper may be well protected by the Qunari that now control it, the outer limits of the island are more dangerous than can be imagined. The humid jungle breathes, desperate for its freedom from oppressors, and a thick mist coasts the land. It is said that the fog will remain until an ancient promise is fulfilled.

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Cut from the very rock of Thedas itself, the Thaigs are the names that the Dwarves have given their underground settlements. True works of art, these cities are buried deep beneath the earth and are connected to each other by a system of tunnels called the Deep Roads. Though the years have been unkind to the Dwarven Empire, there are several thaigs that have withstood the test of time while others lay abandoned due to decay or Darkspawn. Orzammar and its sister cities of Kal-Sharok and Kal'Hirol are the three known Great Thaigs that still exist today.


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The world of Thedas is cradled in an ever churning waters. From the shallows of the Waking Sea to the deep depths of the Amaranthine Ocean, once you leave solid ground you are in a realm without any rules. Be wary for the seas can be treacherous and turbulent for those unaccustomed to her. But for those that are kind and know which way the wind blows, these open seas will take you to riches far beyond the edges of the map.

1 1 Jul 11 2016, 01:57 PM
In: no longer tethered ---
By: roshanara
The First World. Home of the Golden City. The Land of the Dead. The Land of Dreams. Whatever you call it, the Fade is a core piece of life for those that call Thedas home. Spirits and demons call this place their own so be cautious. One never knows what twists may happen in your dreams to cause you to wake up.

2 0 Jul 27 2016, 06:22 PM
In: in all my dreams i'm dr...
By: minaeve

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Everyone needs to take a break from the trials of saving the world. Sit, take a break, and chatter away with your fellow compatriots. Feel free to peruse the topics as well, you never know what secrets you might uncover. From favorite books to discussions of movies, this is where all general chatter goes down. All absences are also posted here as well.

9 2 Aug 27 2016, 10:54 PM
In: Summer's End
Have you bountiful muse but no desire to write just yet? Come and play a game with us then! Here you'll find all manner of games posted by various members. From playlists to gif games, there's no end to fun here!

3 23 Aug 20 2016, 12:10 PM
In: the morning after ~ IC
By: izaak
All advertisements go here. We are Guest Friendly. However, we do not allow DoHTML for ads. Please post in your respective forum depending on where your site is hosted. You can also find the application to affiliate with us HERE.


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In: Fate/Orbis Telos
By: F/OT
Where all the children of Andraste are laid to rest V_V


21 49 Aug 20 2016, 02:20 AM

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